We’re open at the Owls Nest

Open at the Owls Nest

This is so cool! Everything we’ve dreamt of and more.

We are open at the Owls Nest and serving up lattés and some of the best pastries (the salted caramel butter bars are to die for!) in Franktown. Actually, now that I think of it, Franktown’s not that big. Let’s call them the best pastries in Franktown and be honest about it. I mean, sure you can get burgers and tacos and pasta and sandwiches around our little town, but salted caramel butter bars and a latté, come on…

Or finger-less alpaca gloves?

Or distressed military caps with knitted flowers?

And Stan the Guitar Man playing folk tunes on the banjo?

Really? Where else?

Drop by and check us out. We’re by the old red phone booth. (Who else has an old red phone booth? I mean really…)

Virginia Angus


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