So close we can feel it!

Well, we’ve been sampling our own coffee all week long as we’ve been getting ready for our “soft” re-opening. Yes, the Owl’s Nest in Franktown is under new management: Ruby, Staci and Virginia have pulled it off and are about to go viral (as they say).

We’ve also been scrubbing, polishing, contracting, mowing, furniture moving, tidying, nailing, un-nailing, and whatever else three mad women can do in order to spruce up a place to make it just so.

Right now, that re-opening is so close that we can feel it, literally (as all of our kids say). Literally. Who knows what that means anymore? Literally is the new totally.

Anyway, back on topic now …

Please get ready to join us this Saturday. We will all be there (unless our brains explode before then with the anticipation). We packed in 40 pounds of coffee today, so we’ll be ready to brew up a storm of latt├ęs, espressos, and regulars for you all.

Be there or be square.

Virginia Angus


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